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Pouring Beer

Standalone Novels

All Author M K Turner's standalones are available on KindleUnlimited
Book Cover Who Killed Charlie Birch? Bu MK Turner
Audio cover - Who Killed Charlie Birch by M K Turner - a murder mystery

Charlie Birch is dead. A knife, thrust into his chest, has effortlessly sliced through his right ventricle, quite literally breaking his heart, which given his past behaviour was perhaps a fitting end.

An unexpected chain of events had placed a desperate Charlie and many of the Middle Mound villagers in the White Hart pub that morning. Then Charlie decided to hold them all hostage. That was his last mistake.

DS Sally Carter had been sent to Middle Mound to investigate an abandoned bus and several missing villagers but instead finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Having grown up in the village, she knows many of the suspects from her youth. All the clues are there but will she catch the killer?

Who killed Charlie Birch? is the first in the Murder Tour series.

Tropical Beach

A charismatic Cuban, Alberto Mistro, offers five middle-aged couples an all-expenses paid holiday. Too good to be true? Of course!

The Mistro family have a secret past, and the holiday makers find themselves in a race against time. They are required to solve a six-hundred-year-old puzzle. If they succeed, they get to go home. If they fail . . . well, let’s just say, failure isn’t an option.

“This has everything in it, laughs, drama, danger and a conundrum!”

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 14.46.23.png
Book Cover - Murderous Mishaps - By MK Turner

St Joseph’s is a picturesque hotel in a tranquil setting on the Cornish coast and nestles in the cleavage of the surrounding cliffs. It’s late June and guests arrive for a relaxing summer weekend. But the weather changes and a raging storm brings a flood that traps both staff and guests at the hotel. Five women hoping for a soothing spa break find themselves caught up in the murder and mayhem that ensues.

Several of those trapped have ulterior motives for being at the hotel, some of them sinister! When a body is discovered not only is it necessary for DI Barlow to apprehend the murderer, he must also discover the identity of the victim.

And the strangest thing? The murder weapon!

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Lucy James goes out to celebrate the end of her final exams at university. It’s a decision she soon comes to regret, because the next day she has to attend an important interview, but she can’t remember why. Having recently passed the stringent vetting procedure for a top recruitment agency, she thinks she is probably meeting a prospective employer. Or is it yet another member of the agency? Deciding to wing it, she turns up and meets Gloria.


Gloria naturally expects Lucy to know why she is there, and almost immediately gives Lucy her first client. Lucy is horrified, but, concerned she might blow her chance if she confesses her lack of knowledge, she sets off on her first assignment. Another two clients are quickly added to her case load, and she finds herself involved with blackmail, missing persons, and a possible murder. Convinced she is working for a covert government agency, Lucy ploughs on with the job. Until one day, out of blue, she is forced to make a decision that could affect everything she has ever known.


And having made her choice, she is devastated when it is denied. Nothing can ever be the same again.

Lucy James book cover from Author M K Turner
Lucy James audio book from author M K Turner
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