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JJ Jenson Series

The JJ Jenson series by M K Turner is free on Kindle Unlimited
Book Cover - An Ill Wind by M K Turner. First in the JJ Jenson series

New Release!


Ex-police officer, JJ Jenson, is a good man who has led a colourful but turbulent life. He’s seen death and destruction in its many forms. When personal tragedy strikes, JJ turns his back on his former life, and returns to his childhood home in search of peace, preferring to view life through the lens of his camera.

But when his camera captures the death of local woman Amber Wilton, the world of murder and deceit drags JJ back into its fold. Working with an old adversary, JJ is determined to prove Amber was murdered and to catch her killer.

The investigation gives JJ a new lease on life, but moving forward means revisiting his past. He’s being taken back into a world which might destroy the peace he has found. Will JJ fend off his demons and catch the killer?

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