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Tom Large is an accountant with issues, issues which are not helped when he stumbles across the body of Denise Knight. The police are treating Denise’s death as misadventure, but Tom’s cleaner, Liz Thorne, won’t accept that. She declares it to be murder, and little by little, she drags Tom out of his comfort zone as they try to establish the truth of what really happened to Denise.

The unconventional pair of sleuths are doing well until Tom’s daughter reveals an earth-shattering secret. Can Liz pull Tom back from the brink to help her solve the case before the murderer walks away scot free? Will Tom listen to reason and accept the news he has no power to change?

Pick up a copy of THE MURDER today, and find out!

 Book cover - The Murder by M K Turner Cozy Murder Mystery
Audio cover - The Murder by author M K Turner - Cozy Murder Mystery
Book cover - The Abduction by M K Turner Cozy Mystery
Audio cover - The Abduction by author M K Turner - Cozy Mystery

Rhianna Chow has been abducted, snatched from the street in front of her home, and in this second Little Compton Mystery, cleaner Liz Thorne, and accountant Tom Large team up once again to help find her. As they dig deeper into Rhianna’s life, they discover a maze of secrets and betrayals that threaten to muddy the waters, and obscure who is really responsible for Rhianna’s abduction. With no ransom demand, they race against time to uncover the truth.

Will this unlikely pair of sleuths solve this crime before it’s too late, or will Rhianna’s own secret get in the way?

This entertaining mystery with amateur sleuths, loveable characters, and twists you didn’t see coming will have you turning the pages until you reach the surprising solution.

When Liz arrives home to be confronted by a burglar, life begins to get complicated.
There seems to be a crime wave in Little Compton, and as always, Liz and Tom are dragged right into the middle of things.


When things take a fatal turn, everyone in the village is looking over their shoulder.

Will Liz and Tom find out the identity of the dead burglar and therefore solve the case before anyone else gets hurt? The villagers certainly hope so.

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