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With A Little Help From Your Friends (and family)

To Kill Two Birds, the second in the JJ Jenson series, is live! A week early too. Thank you to everyone involved for helping get it over the finish line. I love the covers, and was delighted to receive my printed copies earlier in the week. I was a little more adventurous with the formatting of this one and used a line drawing of a camera as a scene break. What do you think? I love it.

To Kill Two Birds is off on a blog tour shortly, and I'm hoping it travels as well as An Ill Wind did.

My family of beta readers has provided invaluable support, some from their sick bed, others while recovering from operations. I hope you are all fighting fit once more. Thank you. Your suggestions, comments and critiques are gratefully received and much appreciated.

As many of you know, immediately I send one book off to be edited, proofed and tested by readers, I immediately start on the next one. But this time I didn't much like the plots I was coming up with, so I forced myself to take a break. It didn't last long, as Sharon Kelly, my lovely sister, (and editor) asked what I was working on. When I told her I was stuck for a decent plot, she said she thought she might have something she'd considered writing that I could adapt. True to her word, later that day, I received several photographs of her outline, and I had my next case for JJ Jenson, so now I'm working on Too Many Times. The third JJ Jenson mystery. Thank you, Sharon!

In my next post I'll tell you more about it, and will be asking for character suggestions. There will be prizes!

I'll be back soon!

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I cant wait. I love jj jenson,

M K Turner
M K Turner
3 days ago
Replying to

Thanks Vivian, I'll be back with more news soon :)

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