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So much to do. So little time.

Updated: Feb 10

Do you ever wonder what on earth you should do next? Not because there's nothing much happening, but because the to do list is so long, you simply don't know which way to jump! And what you really, really want to do is something not on the list.

That's been me over the last few months. A new book in the Meredith & Hodge series, Enough, about to launch. A work in progress, An Ill Wind, the first in the JJ Jenson series, needed a final edit. My new website was under construction. A+ content for Amazon was coming in from the designer needing approval. Audio chapters of Chance Encounters were coming in for proofing. Not forgetting promotions, newsletters, social media, and all life's usual day-to-day requirements. Dog walking, cooking, cleaning, shopping, school runs, the day job, and on and on.

I got there in the end. Some of it was by the skin of my teeth, other things had to wait (mainly the cleaning). Each day I asked my bleary-eyed self: What can't wait? What's most important today? What can do without my attention for a while? And then I did what I could.

Now it's done. This is being written on my new website - we'll see how my first attempt turns out. Enough has been published, An Ill Wind is with the editor, dogs have been walked etc., etc., etc. I might think about picking up a duster tomorrow.

Now I can do what I wanted to do all along. Start the next book! Do you know, I can't find that duster anywhere!

It's a tough life making stuff up for a living. How do you cope when there's too much on that to do list?


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